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The symptoms most often observed

in cases of immune disorders 

A bacterial focus present increases the acidity level of his body. The consequence of this is a situation called "acidosis" and this affects:


The stomach begins to make chronic ulcers and his intestines which are inflamed. The diet recommended by Pauline makes it possible to regulate this and is therefore essential to follow. Sugar and cereals are food for parasites :) It is therefore absolutely necessary to avoid them!


To compensate for this abdominal pain, horses dig their backs and no longer stand as before because it relieves the stomach, but it also generates back tension.


These back tensions are often accompanied by kidney difficulties due to too intense work carried out to evacuate bacteria and parasites from the body.
Pains appear in the back of the hand, the hindquarters are placed under the horse or open to the outside and if the kidneys are too tired, they bring out the toxins through the skin = itching or through the feet = recurrent abscess or ....when the blood is thickened by toxins = laminitis, because the tissues of the feet are no longer irrigated and begin to necrotize.


Acidity also creates bone and tendon fragility and over time, premature athrosis may appear, which then drifts into arthritis.


Eyes that want to avoid uveitis (uveitis = UV + acidity) create a veil over the eye that gives them the impression that they are wearing sunglasses all the time. This veil protects his eyes so it's great, but it makes the view cloudy, especially in dark places, like a van, it's complicated (try to get in there with your sunscreen sunglasses to make it the experience :p)


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