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I met Malousso 12 years ago, in the Paris region, during a rescue led by an association from Hauts de Seine. He was then 10 years old.

Malousso was born in Spain and spent a few years there in the hands of strong riders. Too sensitive to meet their expectations, it was quickly offered for sale to French riders. Without delay, he traveled to Paris where he joined his first family. 

He was trained for high school show dressage and had everything to offer. But his family who had their horses at home (Malousso + his other Spanish buddy) visibly went bankrupt and left in a hurry for an unknown reason, leaving the 2 horses without assistance in their closed box. It was during a seizure of the house by the courts that the horses were discovered. Malousso and his friend had spent several weeks on a bed of droppings, without food, and were found in a skeletal state, fortunately with a functional automatic waterer which allowed their survival. I adopted Malousso in the context of this rescue. He spent 2 years in the meadow alongside me, and alongside my mare. It was love at first sight for both of us.

I then decided to get engaged in Greece and under pressure from my now ex-husband, I sold my two horses to my best friend, Amélie. 

I knew Malousso in very good hands, although devastated not to follow him into my new life. I didn't practice AC at the time, and underestimated the importance I had in his eyes as well. 

My Amélie took care of him to perfection. However, she also received pressure from her husband, who did not want Malousso to grow old alongside them, especially since his sporting qualities still allowed him to be sold at a reasonable price. Amélie also reluctantly gave in to this pressure and Malousso went to live in Switzerland with a rider looking for an experienced horse to get back in the saddle. 

There he contracted lyme disease and began to develop some pathologies accentuated by the stress of the changes. Malousso is also a particularly chilly horse who has difficulty getting through the winters without losing weight. Switzerland was not the ideal destination for him. 

When he turned 18, the person who had adopted him decided to put him up for sale. My friend Amélie who was in divorce proceedings then decided to do everything to buy it back and contacted me to tell me this good news and see with me if the funds allowed me to buy it back with her._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

She unfortunately died a few days after telling me about her intention, in tragic circumstances. 

I myself divorced during this same period. As if to symbolize my regained freedom, and fulfill Amélie's last wishes, Julian bought Malousso who was able to come back into my life. 

Malousso then joined us in Greece where we lived and spent 18 months of happiness with us. 

This is where the difficulties linked to the health crisis pushed us to cross the Atlantic. It was decided that Souchong and Mieke would be the first to follow us, given that they are a couple and operate as a duo. However, we promised ourselves, and promised Malousso, to make the necessary savings so that he could join us too. 

Currently, Malousso is patient in Brittany, with our friend Maëva, hoping that the time of her trip will arrive very soon. He is now 22 years old, and we want him to live his best life here, in Florida, by our side. A great reward after all he's been through.

If you want to give us a gift, because Emelie receives a lot of requests in this regard, the most gift you can give us is to contribute, in the form of a free donation below, to the savings that will allow Malousso to join us._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

We thank you very much for your participation in this reunion. 

With all our affection, 

Ifigeneia Julian and Malousso

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