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Genny Lorin (Ifigeneia)

International Communication Specialist


352 300 5682



Grand Oaks Resort
3000 Marion County Road 
32195 Weirsdale FL



"If we want to raise awareness, let's do it worldwide!"

I am a horse lover. I have been riding for 25 years, with experience in jumping, polo and dressage. I am a well-known horse whisperer in France. I published my first book 'La Communication Animale au Quotidien' last March. Others are in the making.


I specialize in International and Intercultural Communication, Branding, and Community Management.

I earned my Master's Degree in International Communication Strategy with a specialization in Intercultural Communication in 2012, from the University of Burgundy, France. Beforehand, in 2009, I received my Bachelor's Degree in Global Communication from The European Communication School of Paris, France.

I have
over 10 years of experience in marketing, communication, branding, web mastering, community management, social media planning, web design and event management. I worked for the French National TV, the French Senate, Apple Care, International Translation and Copy Writing Agencies. I also have six years of experience as an owner and manager of my own company.


I have been running my own communication agency for over two years. I've created dozens of websites, and logos. I then got involved full time in animal and horse communication which became my daily occupation. Along with my husband Julian Lorin, I created the company IVI HEALING LLC Julian & Genny, to provide advice in regards to animal care, mainly addressing health and behavioral issues. Our customer base is international. I created the social network IVISCIENCE - - allowing our customers to stay connected. I later on launched the application Julian & Genny, a social network application with a chat room which is now available on Google Play and App Store. I am currently working on a new Application Project to connect horse lovers in Florida. 

I've also organized and delivered several seminars on Animal Communication in France and Belgium, as well as online.

I am fluent in English, French and Greek. I'm also proficient in Spanish.


I was exposed, growing up, to three different cultures and languages. Born and raised in Paris, France, I lived in Greece for nearly 10 years. From a very young age, I also traveled  back and forth, several times a year, to Las Vegas, Nevada, to visit family. I came back to the United States and settled in Florida at the Grand Oaks Resort, in the heart of a carriage drivers community two years ago, with my husband, our five year old boy and our two horses.

Professional Experience

2018 until now

2016 to 2018




Creation of IVI HEALING LLC in partnership with Julian Lorin
Services in Animal Communication & Natural Healing
4 years - USA (Worlwide presence)

Creation of my own Communication Agency, IMAK COMMUNICATION
2 years - Athens, Greece 

French Copywriter for the Digital Communication Agency PERSADO

1 year - Athens, Greece

Communication Advisor for APPLE CARE

18 months - Athens, Greece

In Charge of the Development of the francophone Market for the International Communication Agency INTERTRANSLATIONS

1 year - Athens, Greece


Websites currently online

Design creations

Application on Google Play
and App Store


Social Media Community

Seminars : for the advertisement of IVI HEALING Julian & Genny LLC : Our customer's social network : for my books advertisement 

For customers through IMAK COMMUNICATION
For personal use - see a few creations

Julian & Genny


Book: La Communication Animale au Quotidien

Card Game coming out this winter to follow the book 
Currently writing a novel and a book about keeping the horse's health the natural way

LaCommunicationAnimaleAuQuotidien COUV 3D copie_edited.jpg

Social Media community of 8000 people on facebook 



'Tour de France' of Seminars in Equestrian Facilities around Europe: in Normandy, Nantes, Orleans, Angers, Reims, Bruxelles, Athens in order to teach Animal Communication



Web Master for the RDSE Group of the FRENCH SENATE

6 months - Paris France


Public Relations Assistant in the FRENCH NATIONAL TELEVISION

6 months - Paris, France


Sept 2010 to JUNE 2012

Sept 2007 to June 2010

Master's Degree in International Communication Strategy, UNIVERSITY OF BURGUNDY, DIJON, FRANCE

Master's Theses received with honor "Restore the image of Greece at an international level despite of the economical crisis" 

Bachelor's Degree in Communication Strategy, EUROPEAN COMMUNICATION SCHOOL OF PARIS, PARIS, FRANCE

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