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Les forfaits

It was a challenge for us, both technical and organizational... And we are delighted to be able to respond today to your request for group rates, thanks to three packages!


These packages respond to repeated requests from you, to amortize your expenses, and we wholeheartedly hope that your loyalty to us will be rewarded.

You have also observed an increase in the waiting time to obtain a session and the official release of our book at the end of March 2022 can increase our visibility even more. Also, we want to create a specific slot, which will only concern subscribers to one of these three packages, so that your waiting time is shortened!

Emelie will be at your disposal to answer your questions about setting up these packages to guide you as best as possible! Find the details of the offers below.

Thank you very much for your enthusiasm and trust. 


The 10 session card

The card of 10 sessions at 1000 dollars, in 1 payment, i.e. 912 euros, allows you a saving of 300 dollars for your stable, or your breeding!

Talking to:

- All pros, breeders, trainers, pension owners, associations etc. who have a lot of animals to pass in session with us, over a period of 6 months

- Invoices are provided and can include the VAT number so that the sum is integrated into the professional expenses of your company

- Can be applied to 10 different animals or 5 different ones that can go through sessions with us several times, depending on the needs: ideal for sporting and psychological preparation for the sport horses we follow, including at high level


The 5 session card

The card of 5 sessions at 550 dollars, in 1 payment, i.e. 500 euros,saves you $150 for your large family!

Talking to:

- All individuals who have several animals to pass in session, within 6 months. You book your 5 appointments whenever you want after buying your 5-session card

- Also suitable for animals whose health may require repeated care over a short period

- Addresses the most complicated cases in terms of behavior to get to the end of a problem in the medium term



The monthly plan


The monthly plan at $100 per month, i.e. 92 euros per month,saves you $360 and staggered direct debits! 

Talking to:


- All those among you who have us follow up their animals every month, whether for well-being and performance objectives, or to communicate out of habit

- Also for animals whose health requires continuous care, either because of age or because of chronic disorders 

- For large families with a lot of animals to have sessions throughout the year (up to 12 sessions during the year)

Sur demande selon les disponibilités

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