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The Ivi Healing Team


Julian et Ifigeneia sont installés au sud d'Ocala, en Floride, au coeur de la capitale internationale du cheval. Ensemble ils ont fondé leur entreprise IVI HEALING PARTNERSHIP et sont connus sous le nom Julian & "Genny", plus facile à prononcer pour leur entourage anglophone.


Julian exerce en tant que magnétiseur pour animaux. Ifigeneia exerce en tant que communiquant animalier et comportementaliste. Tous deux interviennent à distance auprès de leur clientèle francophone tout comme en présentielle dans les écuries de leur région.

Ifigeneia s'est lancée à plein temps en 2018. Sa collaboration avec Julian dure depuis l'été 2019. Ils ont ensemble soigné et communiqué avec plusieurs milliers d'animaux. L'aboutissement du livre "Communication Animale Au Quotidien", à paraître en mars 2022 aux édition Exergue, est le fruit de leur parcours commun, de leurs observations et apprentissages dans le cadre de l'exercice de ces deux métiers complémentaires.

Pour en savoir plus sur leur philosophie, la rubrique "Nos articles" vous renseigneront au mieux. Pour rejoindre leur communauté facebook, découvrir leurs résultats, et lire les témoignages de leurs clients, rendez-vous sur Pour en savoir plus sur Ifigeneia, consultez la rubrique Biographie d'Ifigeneia. Pour en savoir plus sur Julian, consultez la rubrique Biographie de Julian.

Julian SE magnétisme curatif et prière soins énergétiques


Magnetism and spiritual care

Julian was born in France, of Franco-American culture, he spent his childhood and teen age years between Paris and Pennsylvania from where he holds his double nationality.


Julian has worked for the French government for more than 25 years as a Dog training specialist, within the army, in various Paris airport security departments, or within state intervention groups, while practicing as a certified trainer for security professionals in the Paris. Julian has participated in numerous competitions and has provided his services over the years as a recognized decoy.

His regular contact with dogs whose sporting activity and level of technical requirement could lead to convalescence naturally brought him back to a childhood passion: healing magnetism.


It was after meeting Ifigeneia who was already working as an animal communicator that he was able to prove himself on thousands of animals, both remotely and face-to-face. He discovers on this occasion a passion for the horses that he also cares for today. With his trait boulonais, Julian now practices horse riding and and logging.


His faculties as a healer were indisputable from the start. However, Julian chooses to got further and decides to deepen his understanding and his mastery of natural human magnetism by associating his faith, and the applications of the teachings of Christ, while taking into account the impact of the environment and thoughts on well-being and health. 


Julian is now recommended by veterinarians, osteopaths and farriers who have observed the lasting effectiveness, often considered miraculous, of his work. 

Julian now advocates for a holistic approach to health that restores the body and the immune system to full power. It defines itself as an external battery that supplies the body with the energy needed to complete the healing process, while seeking out the origin of the problem rather than hiding a symptom. He draws his strength from his connection to the Divine to whom he humbly attributes all his results.



Animal communication 

Ifigeneia was born and raised in the Paris where she practiced horse riding throughout her childhood and teen age years. From a French mother expatriated in the United States, and a Greek father, Ifigeneia grew up in a multicultural environment, from an early age. After 10 years in Greece, where she devoted herself to her children, while discovering the love of dogs, Ifigeneia moved to Florida where she now practices remote animal communication, alongside her husband and work partner, Julian, who practices curative magnetism.

Ifigeneia received a literary education, but preferred bareback gallops in the fields to the stakes of the Parisian peparatory classes. Refusing to participate in the entrance exam to the ENS, she left the bands of Khâgne to train in Communication and Public Relations in Paris, then in Dijon, which still allows her today to connect the French-speaking customers to Florida, from where she works full-time as an animal communicator.

Continually driven by a quest for meaning, and a real thirst for understanding and feeling the world, Ifigeneia validated her master's degree in international communication strategy in Dijon, while crossing France regularly towards Le Mans, to follow the teachings in Fasciabioenergy of Jean-Jacques Hantraye. It was her first door open to the world of energy, but also to the faith that still drives her today. Her ability to communicate with animals appeared 10 years later, following a whole spiritual initiatory journey which took place in Greece, under the undeniable influence of the Hellenic Christian Orthodox Church. Her approach to life and the energy world reflects a journey strewn with travels, encounters, readings, channels, and animal interactions, which allowed her to correlate what seemed, at first, contradictory, always with the aim of understanding this torn world, to better connect it..

Ifigeneia defines herself today as an actor committed to the animal cause, just as much as the human cause. Human beings, in her eyes, are nothing else than an animal who have lost itself, and no longer understand the other species with which they coexist. Through animal communication, Ifigeneia daily proves the intelligence of the animals, with a precision of information leaving no room for doubt as to the authenticity of the interactions. What they have to tell us about our role on Earth is as decisive for their future as it is for ours.

Ifigeneia is now on a mission to prove by her action, through her first "Everyday Animal Communication" (Published by Exergue editions on March 3, 2022), as on a daily basis in the exercise of her profession alongside Julian, that it is by rediscovering this connexion with animals, that the human beings will regain the full potential they have lost.  


Follow-up care, dietary advice and daily care

Pauline has been a riding instructor since 2014. She had the chance to train in owner stables as a manager and also as a breeder. She is now at the head of her own horse breeding farm since 2015 in the south of France.

Since the start of her career every year, Pauline has made horse rescues a priority. Accompanied by her husband, Pauline has saved more than 50 horses over the past two years.


They have together specialized in the follow-up of serious pathologies, serious wounds….
Always accompanied by Julian & Genny's care and protocols. Pauline has the experience required for full control of the follow-up of IVI HEALING's care protocols.

At the same time, Pauline also has several years experience as a secretary in a hospital emergency department (for people). She now uses her multiple skills to accompany you by our side, assist you in the follow-up of care.

Together, we think we can best meet your expectations and guarantee your peace of mind all along the sessions.



Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer l'arrivée de Stéphanie dans notre équipe!

Stéphanie vient nous offrir son expertise dans la gestion administrative et l'organisation des séances.

En cumulant une formation solide en administratif, que son amour pour les chats et chiens l'a conduite à mettre en application au cours de 15 années de pratique en tant qu'assistante vétérinaire, Stéphanie s'est révélée être l'agent administratif idéale pour rejoindre notre équipe.


De la gestion du calendrier et des rendez-vous, jusqu'à l'organisation de vos séances et la réponse à vos questions, Stéphanie se rend dorénavant disponible à nos côtés, en vue d'accompagner la création de vos dossiers dans les meilleures conditions.

Ses compétences, son expérience, et son sens de l'organisation, sont autant de qualités qui s'ajoutent à son empathie naturelle, et sa capacité à faire face aux situations d'urgence. De quoi faire la joie de notre équipe, une joie que, j'en suis sûre, vous partagez!

Aux côtés de Pauline, notre Conseillère en Alimentation Holistique Equine (AHE) et Stéphanie, notre Agent Administratif, nous permettons à chacun des membres de l'équipe de se donner pleinement dans sa zone de prédilection, pour vous offrir le meilleur service possible.

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