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A propos des urgences


A conversation is created on messenger by Ifigeneia and Julian's assistant, in order to follow up on your session. This conversation allows you to gather photos of your animal, and your expectations of the session.

To prepare your session you must complete your file in the "send my photos" section of the menu. 


The date and time of your appointment correspond to the time at which it is essential that you have transmitted this information here so that Ifigeneia can do the necessary within 24 hours. Within 24 hours, Ifigeneia will send you an audio report which includes:


1. A health report of your animal which includes its requests transmitted in animal communication and the observations of Ifigeneia in dowsing

2. Recommendations for the improvement of his state of health by the entire IVI HEALING team
3. Transmission of your pet's requests and messages
4. Emotional or behavioral care as needed
5. Your pet's answers to your questions

Some issues require several appointments to get to the bottom of things. It depends on the receptivity of the animal and the context. Like any appointment with, physio, osteo, vet etc. However, all the sessions allow a significant improvement in the situation. 

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