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Femme à cheval

Com Animale à Cheval

What treatment should I book?

  •   For an identified and known physical problem:acare with Julian
    Price: 70 euros



For these 2 types of sessions, it takes 3 weeks to 1 month and a half of waiting depending on the periods for your appointment.



  • For an unidentified and URGENT physical problem or for a behavioral problem that puts an animal or a human in danger:
    EmergencyDUOGenny's diagnosis + CARE of Julian
    Price: 200 euro


  • For a chronic problem, present for a long time, a package allows you to benefit fromCA DUO sessions with Genny + CARE of Julianspread over the year
    Price: Monthly VIP package of100 eurosover 12 months for 12 sessions 
    Family package: Card of 5 sessions550 euros
    Pro package: 10 session card at1000 euros

NB: Ifigeneia (Genny) no longer does single Communication.


Who is Pauline?

Pauline is a riding instructor, owner of a rescue stable, experienced in the breeding and rehabilitation of horses with serious pathologies. Pauline's methods are aligned with Julian & Genny's approach to health and nutrition. Pauline's biography is available on the page,  The IVI HEALING Team;


How to make an appointment?

Appointments are made online directly in our calendar. You have to go to and click on Make an appointment, then book your time slot like you book a plane ticket. You can also make an appointment directly from the Julian & Genny app. 

How to download the application and register?

Find the complete tutorial on 

How is the settlement? 

Your payment is made by credit card at the time of booking, like when you buy a plane ticket or book a hotel room. Conversion from dollars to euros is automatic. Currently, dollars and euros have almost the same value, so the price is the same from one currency to another. The payment will appear on your account under the name Julian & Genny IVI HEALING which is the name of our company, registered in the United States.

What to do once I have made an appointment?

Once you have made an appointment, you must download the Julian & Genny application, then go to the "Prepare my session" tab and fill out the short form with the photos of your animal and the expectations of the session. To follow all the instructions, go to the page 'Your session'  which details the procedure to follow. Our discussion spaces are accessible from the application on a smartphone as well as from your computer.

How is the session going?

All sessions take place remotely and on photos. Julian & Genny are in the United States, in Florida. They mainly intervene for animals located in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada. 


Pauline collects the data contained in your form (photos, description, name and age of your animal, your expectations of the session etc.) and places them in a common conversation which includes Julian, Genny, yourself and Pauline, in the chat of our app. On there is a tutorial to understand how to join the chat if it is not intuitive at first. This common conversation is called a FILE and is entitled FILE - NAME OF YOUR ANIMAL - YOUR NAME AND FIRST NAME - THE DATE OF THE APPOINTMENT. For example, if your name is Martin Dupont and your dog's name is Rex, your FILE is called “FILE REX - MARTIN DUPONT 09/25/2022” This allows us to avoid mixing up follow-ups when several animals each benefit from their session with the same referring human. If you do not want or cannot access the application, you can absolutely find our private chat oné by making sure you are connected with your e-mail.


On the date and time of the appointment, Julian and Genny take charge of your file and start the work. They do this work quietly on their side. You do not receive news at this time and you do not need to be with your animal, nor to make yourself available. The report of the work carried out arrives within 24 to 48 hours in your follow-up conversation.


Julian will proceed with the treatment based on your requests. He does not practice diagnostics and does not practice animal communication. He has no particular feelings to relay about the session. It transmits energy to your pet's body and projects it with healing intent on problem areas. He will keep you informed when the necessary has been done. Pauline then intervenes to send you the food protocol adapted to your animal and its situation.
(The process is identical in Emergency care, but without waiting for the appointment)


Ifigeneia (Genny) draws a health check and an emotional check. It transmits your pet's requests to improve its daily life and facilitate its recovery. And it identifies, according to the animal, the origin of the problem. Ifigeneia does not practice general CA on this occasion, what is transmitted focuses on the objective of the session, namely, healing. Julian then intervenes in care to work on what Ifigeneia has identified. Then Pauline intervenes as described above.

If the problem is not physical but behavioral: Ifigeneia identifies with the animal the origin of the problem and advises you on this basis. Julian intervenes to work on the appeasement of the nervous system and the spiritual balance of the animal. It also intervenes on the energy of the place of life if the animal expresses discomfort linked to the place. Then Pauline sends you the food protocol which must also be applied for a behavioral disorder. This is essential, just as a healthy diet makes people more fulfilled.


(The process is identical: for DUO CA + CARE Emergencies, without waiting for the appointment)


Where can I find my follow-up conversation on the app?











How is an emergency session organized?  

When you request an emergency session or a DUO emergency, our team takes note of it and decides whether it is possible to accept your request for priority passage. When your request is accepted, you receive an email confirmation, an electronic invoice to be paid by card, and your follow-up conversation is created on the Julian & Genny app chat. It is necessary that you connect to it in order to be integrated into the common conversation and post there without waiting your photos and your expectations of this emergency session.

When are the results visible?

The results can be visible within a few days, or be visible from 1 month after the session. This varies according to the age of the pathology, the severity too, and the age of the animal. Pauline is at your disposal to assist you in understanding the evolution of things and to tell you in which phase your animal is in the healing process.


Where can I see customers feedback on the issue I'm facing?

You can go to the Julian & Genny application, in the feedbacks section, our team is gradually integrating 4 years of feedback on each problem encountered and inserting them by category. This allows you to go through all the testimonials. You can also find them on in the Customers feedbacks section

Our feedbacks are also available by date of publication on our facebook page


But how does it work, how is it possible? 

This is a vast question that we have taken the time to answer through our book entitled La Communication Animal au Quotidien, published by EXERGUE editions. Available everywhere in France, in local bookstores, online, on amazon, Cultura, Fnac etc.

Can we train in animal communication or healing with Julian & Genny? 

Julian does not train. Ifigeneia has suspended training at this time. 

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